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ALSI announces a 30-day 30% sale!


ALSI initiates provision of real-time over-the-phone interpretation services
A pilot version of the service is operational now, offering Russian and Spanish interpratation. Other languages will be come available shortly. For more information, please, submit an inquiry or call us at 301-984-6092 (use extension 113, 115, 118, or 122).


ALSI initiates provision of real-time remote videolink-based ASL (American Sign Language) interpretation services
The new service aims to help first of all our existing customers in the medical community, who will be able to provide immediate assistance to their deaf patients. At the same time, ALSI is expanding its capabilities to make this service available to other customers and the general public as well. Read the white paper for the description and technical details of the service. For more information, please, submit an inquiry or call us at 301-984-2308 (use extension 113, 115, 118, or 122).


Georgetown University Hospital Awards Major Contract to ALSI
ALSI is proud to announce the award of a major interpretation and sign language interpretation contract with the Georgetown University Hospital. We look forward to providing our utmost support to the staff and mission of such a venerable institution.

Multi-Year BOP Contract Awarded to ALSI
The Bureau of Prisons has announced its award of a new multi-year Language Services contract to ALSI. This contract is a major milestone for the BOP, representing an overhaul of the way it does business. Having recognized the consistent quality of our services (provided to the BOP by ALSI under our GSA contract), the BOP has selected ALSI's proposal from a mountain of bids. We at ALSI take extreme pride in our ongoing work in support of the BOP under our new contract.

GSA Approves ALSI IT Contract - Second GSA Award to ALSI within 6 Months
ALSI has successfully completed negotiations with the GSA and is now ready to provide our IT Services under the new GSA Schedule 70 contract.

ALSI Announces Release of Pashto Lexicons
Today, Afghanistan is a central focal point of the on-going fight against terror, as well as a major hub of drug production and distribution. We at ALSI believe that our international civilian and military programs in Afghanistan require a sizeable and up-to-date Pashto lexicon. The only existing major Pashto-English dictionary was created in the mid-19th century and was never updated. No English-Pashto dictionary including Pashto words in Pashto-Arabic script has been published in this country...until now.

ALSI has developed its Pashto-English and English-Pashto lexicons with more than 70,000 entries apiece. The linguistic work of assembling the dictionaries is complete, and ALSI is making final arrangements to release the lexicons in print and digital format. This major scholarly breakthrough will heighten effective intelligence, communication, and educational work related to Afghanistan.

For more information or to make advanced orders, please, contact ALSI.

IRS Exercises TIPSS-3 Year 1 Option for System Engineering Support
ALSI, a proud member of Northrop Grumman TIPSS-3 team, continues to provide its high quality IT engineering services to the IRS. On May 30, 2007 the IRS exercised its Year 1 option of the contract to ensure the continuity of support for its System Architecture and Engineering Division, responsible for several major initiatives within the IRS Modernization Program.

GSA Approves ALSI Language Services Contract
Our Language Services are now available to Government agencies and partner organizations under our new GSA Language Services Contract.

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