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Language Training

ALSI provides customized tutorial and group instruction in 85 languages and dialects. We have over 100 professional, native-proficient instructors on staff who make use of authentic, topical materials to provide students with both up-to-date language training and practice dealing with real-world situations. Our instructors have logged over one million class hours with more than 5,000 students -- primarily federal government employees in full-time, intensive programs. Our extensive library of training materials allows us to craft language programs specifically designed for our students' areas of expertise and occupations.

Our language training programs are modeled on the State Department's Foreign Service Institute programs.

ALSI also developed specialized Computer-Based Training (CBT) modules as refresher courses for several langauges. The IRS uses eight of ALSI CBT modules. If you are interested in an off-the-shelf or custom-developed CBT modules, please, contact us with any questions.